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GFASH stands behind the cause of women empowerment and self-esteem building programs affiliated with DOVE and Other Similar ORGANIZATIONS.  GFASH is much more than a private label company; it is an entity that is dedicated to community involvement not only locally but nationally.


In 2007 CEO of GASH GWEN BATES signed a 36 million dollar proclamation at the Pentagon with the Secretary of Defense Gates and Secretary of Labor Chou to implement career initiative accounts and funding for military spouses who want to further their skills with vocational training. This program is still going strong today. Further, GFASH was recently recognized by the La Jolla Village News and In the News for conducting a First Annual Glam Vendor Fair involving several women entrepreneurs from all walks of life throughout San Diego County in December 2014.


Each product at GFASH contributes to the mission of “Fabulous-ity” and contributing to organizations with confidence-building programs for girls and women while hoping to implement new entrepreneurial programs throughout San Diego schools.


At GFASH we follow the Miss Piggy creed, “Beauty is the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time give a dumb beholder a black eye”.

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