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Captivated from Behind the Scenes at FWSD Fall 2018

Everyone always gets to see the final presentation, no one knows or sees what actually happens behind the runway. Volunteering for FWSD Fall 2018, is an experience all on its own but just as captivating as if you were a guest attending all three days. Having took part in dressing the model for her artistic look below to flipping multiple models at once for their next looks down the runway; team work was the main theme to everything running smoothly, allowing for the garments and models to shine on the runway.

Day 1 of FWSD –  The  Art & Beauty Behind Fashion, challenging seven artistic teams to pull inspiration from their assigned original art piece to create a full look including a garment, hair and makeup. Each team had one FWSD18 Designer, one Hair Stylist and one Makeup Artist that worked together to bring this look to life. From behind the scenes, one would experience the team taking a blank canvas, a model in this case, and watch how they transformed them to bring their vision to life. The process of this transformation was ever so captivating, always leaving you to wonder what will happen next? The results were a creative and impressive showcase.

Day 2 of FWSD - Let the shows begin! Fifteen designers were able to show 10 looks from their collection on the runway. It all began from early morning garment/shoe rack drop-offs, to learning how to dress the model in the garments/shoes while being advised from the designers themselves. Setting up the garments was next, then the waiting game…whose models would be done with hair and makeup first, to put into their first looks?! Teams were assigned, making a game plan with your team proved essential as we quickly dressed/undressed models into new looks. Though a bit chaotic at times, it was all worth it in the end.

Day 3 of FWSD - The Trunk Show. Being behind the scenes the whole weekend, this was the day interns got to mingle. The Designers had their own area to showcase and sell their garments/shoes to FWSD guests/volunteers. Interns were able to go from back of house to meeting the designers on a one-on-one basis, buying a piece or two and enjoying the last event. This day was also very important for the artistic teams and FWSD designers, a winner was announced for the artistic team challenge, the top three designers and top three models whom all had been voted by the audience the night before. "The awards were the perfect wrap up to an eventful weekend for Designers, HairStylist, Makeup Artist and for us, the volunteers as well", Carla Carlos.

Now that it's over, one can only anticipate who will show next year and what unique showcases will be held. "To be a guest or to go behind the scenes again, is the question I ponder".

Check out FWSD: #BTS

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