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We Are In This Together | FWSD’s COVID19 Social Mission

We Are In This Together | FWSD’s COVID19 Social Mission

Social Mask Mission

As the new Director of Fashion Week San Diego, it’s been a historic and eventful five months as the world is facing a pandemic like never before with the ever-fluid situation of Covid19. Within the FWSD organization, we are doing our part in increasing innovation, pivoting to create new initiatives, and quick responses that allow us to serve our community and navigate these unchartered waters together safely. I am eternally grateful that FWSD is able to move forward with an amazingly talented and creative community behind us as we have embarked upon a social mission that is having a positive impact in our county.

Various Masks Donated by Designers in San Diego

FWSD’s past and present designers are offering a glimmer of hope and keeping spirits high. Just in the past week, the FWSD community has been able to make and donate over 600 masks, and this is just the beginning as more masks are being donated every day. There aren’t enough words to convey how extremely proud I am of how our fashion community to include models and staff have stepped up to be available for San Diego’s essential and non-essential workers at hospitals and military bases. It is the motivated heart of these hometown heroes that really give meaning to the phrase, “We are in this together”, without any strings attached.

Rady's Hospital

This issue of Covid19 has created a common thread that is connecting us all and it can be seen in the humanity of coming together to help solve a problem.

This social mission presents the relevance and capabilities of this great organization and those who believe in its mission to connect the community. In the next coming months, FWSD will provide virtual solutions to continue on in our effort to be here for our audience during this time.

Thank You Designers

Thank you again designers, models, and contributors for allowing FWSD to be the connector, for giving hope and putting a huge smile on faces in our county. Finally, thank you to all the first responders and those working tirelessly to ensure the safety of others during this pandemic. We thank you, we support you, we are here for you.

Forever Grateful,

Gwendolyn Bates


PS, Since our designers really stepped up to help the community, we thought the least we could do was send them a fun little care package. Keep an eye out, designers! Xx

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